By Anthony Rukcic

Hello there!
I recently received the 3 in 1 kit with variable heat station for Xmas and thought you’d like to see what I’ve completed using the tools. I used the 8″ hot knife, router, and engraver. Our daughter is big into dinosaurs and she has a toy of a Liopleurodon, a Jurassic period sea-creature. I figured it would be neat to make a 2ft version. Here is the model.Art_sculpting_AnthonyR1_01I used pink foam board. Cut the profile out, than started shaping it. The only thing not foam is the gray around eyes and the eyes, that’s clay.Art_sculpting_AnthonyR1_02I wanted to focus on the scales,

that was done by the engraver, just enough heat to melt the foam. I
Then went through and “drew” the scales using the engraver, I then used a heat gun to soften up the edges.Art_sculpting_AnthonyR1_03

Primed…Art_sculpting_AnthonyR1_04painted and cleared.Art_sculpting_AnthonyR1_05 Art_sculpting_AnthonyR1_06Thought you’d like to see what my first model was with the kit. Thanks for looking and look forward to my next project. Thanks again!

Anthony Rukcic