an up scaled model re-creation

By Anthony Rukcic

Hello there!
I recently received the 3 in 1 kit with variable heat station for Xmas and thought you’d like to see what I’ve completed using the tools. I used the 8″ hot knife, router, and engraver. Our daughter is big into dinosaurs and she has a toy of a Liopleurodon, a Jurassic period sea-creature. I figured it would be neat to make a 2ft version. Here is the model.


I used pink foam board. Cut the profile out, than started shaping it. The only thing not foam is the gray around eyes and the eyes, that’s clay. I then wanted to focus on the scales, that was done by the Engraver,  just enough heat to melt the foam. I then went through and “drew” the scales using the engraver, I then used a heat gun to soften up the edges.


Primed, painted and cleared.



Thought you’d like to see what my first model was with the kit. Thanks for looking and look forward to my next project. Thanks again!

Anthony Rukcic

Suggested tools/materials for this project:

Engraver • 3″ Hot Knife • Foam Fusion