Fake Pteranodon Dinosaur Skeleton Fossil

Learn how to make a realistic dinosaur skeleton fossils out of foam for museums, exhibits or school projects!

By Anthony Rukcic

Behold the Pteranodon, my latest creation. Lived during the Late Cretaceous period, and had a 20.5-ft. wing span. I started the day after Christmas of 2014 and got it painted and hung within four weeks, with full time job and family responsibilities. I set about a hour or more a night to do a little work on it.

Pteranodon Skeleton

Mine is about half scale as it measured in at little over a 10-ft wing span. My head is little over 3-ft. long and same for body. I used combination of 2-inch and 1-inch pink foam board. Had a little toy skeleton for measurements and numerous pics from the internet for reference.

pterodactyl model kit
pterodactyl skull

Started with the head and after I got it done, realized I made the beak to short, so cut it off and remade it. You can see the comparison in the photos

make your own pterodactyl
Carving dinosaur skeletons in foam

Neck, body, hips, shoulders and ribs up next…

Make your own dinosaur skeleton
Make your own dinosaur skeleton

Was gonna go gray, but the brown makes it look more ‘authentic’. Legs and wings coming in. To help hold the wings and legs in place for extra support I used metal mechanics wire.

Heated it up, then stabbed it into the foam, used glue to secure joints into place.

Pterodactyl skeleton

For finally display, ditched the bar and just used 4 anchor points in the ceiling. Luckily we have 15-ft vaulted ceiling in Living room

This is the final display, it makes for a great conversation piece.

Pteranodon Skeleton
Pteranodon Skeleton

Thank you for the outstanding customer service. We had issues with some of the tools that were purchased in 2013 and you guys stepped up and did a outstanding job on taking care of us.
I will be a customer for life and always promote your products when I can.

 Tools recommended for this project:

#K45 Professional 3-in-1 Kit Foam Fusion • All Purpose Foam CoatStainFast