“Hanging” Dog Sculpture

By Colleen Black of C. Black Studios

Colleen’s foam dog sculpture was featured in a 30 minute segment on HGTV’s show “That’s Clever.” You can see in the background how she cut out progressive slices of Pink board extruded polystyrene foam, stacked and glued them together to build her 3D sculpture. Colleen used Hot Wire Foam Factory tools, Foam Fusion glue and Foam Coat. It’s hard to believe that this her first time working with foam, but she says it went so fast and easy that she can’t wait to make more foam sculptures.

Art_sculpting_colleen_2Art_sculpting_colleen_3The finished sculpture above and Colleen’s actual dog below

Art_sculpting_colleen_1 Art_sculpting_colleen_6Art_sculpting_colleen_7