Abstract Mosaic Art Sculptures

By Eileen Gay


Fish mosaic

RAINBOW TROUT TREE at Idlewild Park Pond in Reno was installed September, 2009

For the Waldo Canyon Fire Memorial, I envisioned a form in scale and materials that represent a large tree; split, blackened and hollowed out by fire and yet, as a symbol of its strong heart, still reaching for the sky with a new growth of green.  “Heart” represents an old growth tree twisting upward from its 4 x 6 foot girth to its 12 foot height.Sculptural mosaics

An iconic, fun sculptural mosaic tile installation that beckons people to wander on over, take a look, take a photo and enjoy the surrounding exhibits.  My over sized bowling ball, bowling pin and score-keeping pencil-stub form a curious tableau that is part bench, part photo opportunity and a visual invitation to come into the venue.

How big is it?  The pin is 8’ tall (laying down) and the ball is 5’ in diameter.

Bowling sculpture

Sculptural mosaics represent Cairns or trail markers that mark the change in modes of transportation of those who use the stations. The pieces titled “Transition To” “Transition” “To Transition Again” are mosaicked in colors and patterns representing the five elements of the Chinese life cycle: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water with hints of the recurring cycles at the base and top of the mosaic to imply the continuation of the circle.  The series starts out with the stacked stones whole, then the second sculpture has a slice removed to reveal the insides’ agate-like rings of color and for the final sculpture the stones are sliced open on both sides to reveal their colorful, ringed interiors.

Rock mosaics

 Suggested tools/materials for this project:

Pro 6″ Hot Knife & Freehand Router Kit • Exterior Foam Coat