Nautical Eagle Replicas

By Frederick Ladd
Severna Park, Maryland


After drawing up the pattern and placing it on a spare piece of 2″ thick insulation foam, it was cut out on the Scroll Table.
Art_sculpting_frederickl_03This picture shows a completed 3 foot carving and its big brother in the carving stages.Art_sculpting_frederickl_01Details of feathers, ribbon through eagle’s beak, stars and letters. One of my hobbies is nautical carvings such as nameboards, figureheads, and signs. I spent more than 30 years at sea in the Navy and Merchant Marine. I have only recently tried out carving in foam as all my other works were wood.Art_sculpting_frederickl_04This is a Fred Ladd Original design. It is 53″ wing tip to wing tip, and has a maximum thickness of 4″. It was made from several pieces of 2″ thick pink insulation foam. First I drew out the pattern and then cut out the basic shape on a band saw. Then all pieces were shaped and painted on all sides prior to gluing to the main eagle. The feathers were easy and fast with the foam cutter. The stars, stripes and other details were carved with a utility box opening knife.

Foam eagle finish

The 4 foot finished eagle.


Original Constitution Transom. Since my first visit as a kid to the USS Constitution, I have always admired the eagle that graces the stern of the famous frigate.

foam Eagle house

This eagle is made of foam in similar fashion as the “Constitution” eagles. I braced the back with 1″ aluminum and screwed it to the Widows Walk. It makes a nice nautical accent to the house and a conversation piece.