Bronze Foam Statue “Hopes and Dreams”

A look inside Bronze Sculpture for public display

By James Gabbert (no hyperlink)

“Hopes and Dreams” was installed at a hospital garden in September 2015.

Foam Bronze Statue

 I used the Hot Wire Sculpting Tool and the Hot Knife to shape the one-third scale model and the full-size work. For the scale model I started with higher density insulation foam. and after carving I covered it in a soft brown wax to create the intended detail and texture.

XPS Foam Statue
"bronze" foam statue

The 120% of life-size work was carved from lightweight Styrofoam (and denser blue foam for the more delicate hands) and then covered and finished with plaster-of-Paris, then, on to the foundry for casting in bronze.

Carving foam statue
Scaling foam statue

foam statue details
foam statue details

foam statue roughs to finish
Bronze statue made from foam

About the Artist:

“I am a sculptor and always have been.  Graduated from Colorado College with a Fine Arts Degree. However, throughout most of my adult life my creativity was channeled into my career as a retail entrepreneur. During my business career I was known as an industry leader, visionary, and innovator. Late in 2008, with the sale of my businesses, and my wife and I becoming empty nesters, I took the opportunity to return to my passion.”


Other items suggested for this project:

Freehand Router • Styrogoo • All Purpose Foam Coat