Fusion Glass & Mosaic Projects

By Judy Clifford
Water Mill, New York

As promised, I am sending you two of my personal projects done in Styrofoam. The first is my Branch with Pond. It is a natural branch covered with paint and resin on top of a “pond” made of Styrofoam covered with cement and fusion glass on the top (blue) and mosaics on the bottom (red). It is weather proof and the trick is that you can flip the “pond” over and use it as a table! The dimensions are 24″ x 48″ and it sells for $3,000 without shipping.

Art_mosiac_judyc_01 Art_mosiac_judyc_02Art_mosiac_judyc_04The second work is my Christmas Cactus. It is Styrofoam covered with cement and fusion glass (a painted pattern on the cement covering the styrofoam sculpture sealed with tempered glass and grouted to give the appearance of mosaic). It is 30″ x 27″ x 6″ without the base and sells for $3,000 without shipping.Art_mosiac_judyc_03