Buffalo Sculpture

by Karen Cade
Frederick, Colorado

The piece was fun for me to create. This was a challenge working on a sculpture this large.

Foam Buffalo Sculpture

EPS Foam arriving for sculpture
Preparing block of foam for sculpture

I used your Hot Knife, 2 Foot Bow Cutter, and Sculpting Tool. I have been using your tools and foam coat since 2009. Here’s a video of the making of the “Time to Rest” sculpture:

Initial stages of foam sculpture
blocking in shapes of sculpture

Blocking in foam buffalo
foam buffalo refining forms

I then used a metal acrylic paint from Sculpt Nouveau to give it a final cold cast bronze look.

buffalo coating sculpture
Foam buffalo "bronze effect"

The piece was sold at the Custer Stampede Buffalo Art Auction.

Bronze buffalo sculpture

Suggested tools/materials for this project:

2′ Bow Cutter • Industrial Hot Knife Kit • Sculpting Tool