“For the Birds” Art Installation

By Peter Hess
Los Angeles, California

Thought you might be amused by the process and final result of the art installation I displayed at the Audubon Center in Debs Park, Los Angeles, for the exhibition “For the Birds” (April/May 2011). I proposed the idea to the Audubon, then once they approved it, I had to figure out how to fabricate it and I had to be sure that it would stand up to the elements for the 5 week duration of the show. That’s when I found hot wire foam carving and your site. Fortunately for me, the learning curve was not very steep and the medium proved ideal for my needs. The installation was very well received.

While I cast the heads in resin from a sculpture I made, the bodies are fabricated with tools, foam and coatings acquired from your excellent company. The four figures held up quite nicely for 5 months through heat, wind and light rain, though one figure was stolen in the final week of the show. I look forward to more foam projects in the future!

Art_sculpting_peterh_03 Art_sculpting_peterh04 Art_sculpting_peterh_05