3D Foam Art “Experiments”

By Phoenix Ramsdell

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Instagram: @phoenixramsdell



My name is Phoenix Ramsdell and I began working with foam while I was in college studying fine art. It all started as an annoying 3D foam assignment that I tried my hardest to get out of and turned into one of the most fulfilling passions of my life. One of those typical, “stop-complaining-and-just-try-it” stories. I explored intricate foam carving for 3 years using some questionable hand made tools before a professor suggested I look at Hot Wire Foam Factory. I have been using their tools for 2 years now and my body of work has expanded immensely since. I primarily use the Engraver tool and the Freehand Router for my work.


Shown here are images of some of my recent foam experiments. All of my work is intuitively done with no prior planning involved. I have worked on pieces ranging in size anywhere from 8” x 1’ – 4’ x 4’. After my carving is finished, I use several layers of acrylic paint to create additional depth. Lastly, I use a high gloss finish to give it a very organic feel. Other mediums I sometimes incorporate in my piece are fimo clays, iridescent powders, and metallic paints. I call the carvings shown here “experiments” because I have been trying some new carving techniques, paints, and finishes on these pieces and am very excited about the direction they are taking my work.



 Suggested tools/materials for this project:

Precision Engraver • Freehand Router • Foam Fusion