Easy to transport Angel Sculpture

Collapsible 8ft tall Angel Statue for Sound of Music school play.

by Jill Rose

Sound of music angel sculpture

I am a local art teacher who, in the last four years, has gotten herself into making custom theater props, costumes and set pieces for whichever production her daughter was a part of.  My daughter’s high school wanted a 7ft statue for the characters to hide behind in The Sound of Music school musical. Being fairly new to working with foam and never something 3D or so large, I was nervous yet excited to make the statue.

Our limited budget kept me to working with a variety of foam scraps. Only the foam for the wings was purchased new. I even donated one of my foam mannequin heads, since I knew a face that nice was beyond my skill set.

angel sculpture

Besides using scraps, I had to make sure her wings were no wider than 4ft and that she was under 8ft tall, since she was to be placed upon a 4 ft cube pedestal. She also had to be easy to assemble and fit in a minivan for transport.

Angel Sculpture

Thankfully, since I had already done some flat foam items earlier in the year, I had tools from Hot Wire Foam Factory at hand. I used the 4″ Hot Knife, Sculpting Tool and the Freehand Router and it took about 50+ hours to complete.

angel statue

I used a pvc pipe as her core, and her wings had dowels that connected them to each other and then the wings slid down into a slot in her back.


angel sculpture

Her hair was made from craft foam and heated to shape it.


Then to finish her, I used drywall spackle when needed and painted her with acrylic paint.


Below picture were taken, by Chris Nelson, during the show, Sound of Music, performed by Shasta High School, 2016.

Sound of music stage prop

Suggested tools/materials for this project:

All Purpose Foam Coat • Stainfast • Foam Fusion