South American Animal Exhibit

By Melanie Richard
Billings, Montana

They are various pictures of a South American small animal exhibit I did for ZooMontana in Billings, Montana. You can see the Mayan style wall sculptures on the sides. it was so well received they have had me design an entire wall of exhibits that will span the length of the building using the same idea.Signs_DISP_melanier_01

Signs_DISP_melanier_04The photos below show the remodel of the iguana exhibit and the new “tree” exhibit being attached. The tree will house a bird eating spider and Madagascar roaches. These are the first in a long line of exhibit constructions I’m working on that will involve loads of foam coat. I expect to finish painting the tree in a couple weeks. I’ll see about getting you more pictures then! Signs_DISP_melanier_05 Signs_DISP_melanier_06 Signs_DISP_melanier_07