Reptile Enclosure Exterior Decoration

Learn the best coatings to use to decorate the outside of your reptile habitat with fake stone, rocks or bricks.

Amora’s Tropical Adventures by Davion Delmore

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Instagram: @discover_amoras
Facebook: Amora’s Tropical Adventures


Hello My name is Davion Delmore from Baton Rouge Louisiana. I ordered both the All Purpose Foam Coat and Stryroplast for my reptile enclosure and it came out awesome. I am submitting these photos to your company so people can see just how easy and simple it is to create something spectacular with these coatings.

Amoras tropical adventures

I searched the Internet for a foam hardener and I’ve tried a couple but nothing compares to HWFF Styroplast and All Purpose Foam Coat. I wanted to create an enclosure that I could move around to different shows and my work not get torn apart. This was the best option, it works so well. The Styroplast was easier to work with and shows details a lot better than the All Purpose Foam Coat, but the All Purpose is better for covering rock designs because of the texture.

(Non toxic Foam Fusion glue is recommended for attaching foam panels.)

Amora's tropical adventures
Using styroplast and other foam coats

Foam Coat
Create your own reptile habitat

Making your own "stone" animal habitat
DIY Terrariums


Amora's tropical adventures

This was my first time working with these products and now I’m hooked! If I can build these, anyone can build anything!

(Davion also recently sent us these images of his newest project, a real blast from the past, ninja turtles habitat.)

Creating a ninja turtle habitat
Ninja Turtle reptile habitat

Ninja turtle reptile habitat
Ninja Turtle terrarium

Other recommended supplies for this project:

Professional 4-in-1 Foam Cutting KitAdjustable Sled Guide