Mobile Trailer Habitat

By Amora’s Tropical Adventures

Amora's Tropical Adventures

We created a 30 ft mobile trailer attraction for different events (parties, festivals,schools, ect.).  It’s designed and themed like a rain forest.  Guests will be able to walk through an actual rain forest and see different animals. I used the All Purpose Foam Coat with a gray dye (as a primer color ) and then I painted the rocks. The All Purpose Foam Coat sticks to the spray foam really well.


Creating a reptile habitat
Reptile and amphibian habitats


Creating a habitat display
Creating  vine wall for reptile habitat


I covered the rocks and the stone walls with All Purpose Foam Coat and without that hot knife, it would have been a much longer process. Thanks Hot Wire Foam Factory!


Amoras Tropical Adventures

Other recommended items for this project:

Freehand RouterStainfast6 Inch Professional Hot Knife