Custom Leopard Gecko Habitat

By Heather Stoop-Yajcaji


I am apparently a rather picky person when it comes to décor, even with my scale babies. So because I could not find what I liked in stores, I decided to go “DIY.” After much research on various forums, online groups, etc., I decided to just go for it and start cutting away at some rigid insulation foam. This made a mess ALL OVER my house and not just the room I was crafting in. This led me to look for a tool to use that would make the process easier and cleaner. Luckily, I found Hot Wire Foam Factory and my world of obsessive perfection was complete. With the Sculpting Tool I was able to melt away bits of foam and create whatever my heart desired. I used All Purpose Foam Coat and Bounce to coat the foam, which allowed my worries about strength and durability to diminish. Now I just hope that my Leopard Gecko, Xavier, is as happy with it as I am.





 Suggested tools/materials for this project:

All Purpose Foam Coat • Crafters Sculpting Tool Kit • Bounce