Juno Cosplay Foam Wings

By GamerGirlX

For the entire write-up on the Juno costume, check out her website at Here is what she had to say about making the wings for her costume:

The wings were created from insulation foam that were carved with heated foam carving tools from Hot Wire Foam Factory. Specifically these tools that were used: Sculpting Tool and 4″ Hot Knife. Each ring was measured, carved, and then each edge sanded with a fine sandpaper to smooth out any jagged cuts. The foam cutouts were them assembled into the wing design with foam glue. Hooks were screwed into dowels that were anchored into the wings using large washers and then the wings were painted with primer (I prefer the brand Killz) and then acrylic paint. (Be sure to test glues and paints on your foam before trying it on your actual project. Some glues and paints melt different types of foam!) The hooks then attach to a harness that went under my outfit. The wings are also made to separate into two half’s so that they are easier to transport.

Cons_COS_gamergirlx_03 Cons_COS_gamergirlx_02 Cons_COS_gamergirlx_01

Suggested tools/materials for this project:

Sculpting Tool • 4″ Hot Knife • Foam Fusion