Peacock Wedding Decoration

by Ivan Iriate


This peacock was used for a wedding decoration over the Caloosahatchee river in Fort Myers.

Peacock centerpeice

The first thing was to draw and cut the silhouette of the peacock, then I cut 14 separate pieces, I carved all of these pieces to create lines and in-and-out textures.

DIY wedding decorations
DIY wedding decorations


I glued all the pieces together,  I used foam glue and and some wood sticks to connect the parts, then I put mesh and sprayed all the sides with a synthetic stucco.

Make your own wedding decorations
DIY center peice


 The last step was paint,  I did it with an air gun and some touches with an airbrush. At that point I noticed that it was too heavy and I built a wood base for it to stand up in .

DIY Wedding centerpeice

Recommended items for this project:

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