Mardi Gras Ball Decorations

By Kristi Dartez
Lake Charles, LA

These are pictures of the many decorations and props I made for our Mardi Gras ball this year. I purchased large sheets (8’Hx4’W) of EPS foam from Lowe’s (The sheets of Styrofoam used to insulate houses.) I used an overhead projector to blow up the pictures of various Egyptian pictures, and traced the design onto the foam sheets. I then used the Hot Knife to cut our the figures. To give some dimension to some of the figures, I layered the foam. Each of the Egyptian figures are about 6′ to 8′ tall, the pyramid is 8′ tall and the winged scarab above the pyramid is about 5′ long. I received many, many compliments on the decorations. People could not believe that it was foam. I would like to thank you so much for all your help and assistance.