Foam Mausoleum

By Davis Graveyard



This static Halloween decoration was made from ten sheets of 4’x8’x10″ EPS foam for the walls. One 4’x8’x6″ sheet was cut to make steps and two 10″x 6′ columns.

eps foam blocks for Halloween haunt
Wood template for Halloween haunt


We obtained the foam from a local architectural foam supplier. A template was cut out of plywood so the alternating wall pieces would fit together.

Hot wire bow cutter and wooden template
DIY Halloween haunt


After attaching templates to the foam with bar clamps, we used a Hot Wire Foam Factory 4′ Foot Bow Cutter to make the cuts through the 10″ inch thick foam. On the bigger cuts we cut out the main chunk and then came through again and made the closer cuts.

Eps Halloween haunt stone wall
DIY Halloween Haunt
DIY Halloween Graveyard

DIY Halloween graveyard

Suggested tools/materials for this project:

Exterior Foam Coat • Freehand Router • Industrial Hot Knife