Hearse Buggy

By Great River Reapers

Our hearse frame is made from an Amish buggy. The walls’ structure is Styrofoam, along with the bone details. We pulled it behind a lawn tractor in two parades last year and we plan to take it to the Midwest Haunters Convention in 2012. We are also planning to build a foam horse for the front in the next few years.

The last picture is our driveway entry skull, which is 24 feet high. The bottom jaw pieces are hinged to allow for our cars and SUV to drive through. This was carved several years ago and has been used as part of our display for over ten years.Holi_HAL_greatriverreapers_b01 Holi_HAL_greatriverreapers_b02Holi_HAL_greatriverreapers_b05 Holi_HAL_greatriverreapers_b06 Holi_HAL_greatriverreapers_b07