Haunted House “Vault” Set

By Nathan Hamilton of Parlour Trick Productions

These are a few shots of my “Vault” set from the 2011 season of Haunted Nashville™ – 34,000 haunted house attraction in Tennessee. Some of the shots are under show lighting, some with ambient sunlight, and a few progress shots from construction (I have a bunch of photos of the process).

Lots of foam carving stone work with Foam Coat applied for durability and good stone finish look. I achieved the “Systema Nervosum” engraved lettering by bending the Freehand Router wire into a “V” shape (to simulate a chisel cut) and free handed the cut (one shot, no room for mistakes) following a stencil drawing I had created.

I wanted a true stone look that didn’t appear painted and mimicked the physical properties of stone, so I tinted the Foam Coat with latex paint and it worked like a charm. Very pleased with the ease of use and final look that achieved various believable stone and metal textures. I’ll be ordering more in the future for other projects I’m sure!Holi_HAL_parlourtrickproductions_01 Holi_HAL_parlourtrickproductions_02 Holi_HAL_parlourtrickproductions_03 Holi_HAL_parlourtrickproductions_04 Holi_HAL_parlourtrickproductions_05 Holi_HAL_parlourtrickproductions_06