Foam Clock Prop

By Ted Mentzer


I wanted to share with you my experience with your product since I have all but the Pro Knife. This clock was made 100% with foam and I took it to the Pa Haunted Gathering and entered it into their prop contest. I was happy to see you donated a tool kit to this event so I was able to tell people to go check them out at the door prize table after telling them I used those tools exclusively on this project. Most people were surprised to learn the clock was made entirely of foam, even when standing a foot or two directly in front of it. Many people also told me they owned some of these tools already. I don’t think I could’ve done the detail without these tools and it certainly would’ve been a lot of mess any other way. I hope to do a “How To” with this project for Haunted Attraction Magazine so stay tuned! Thanks again for a great product!

Halloween clock prop
Halloween clock prop


Halloween grandfather clock

wood texture with foam

Suggested items for this project:

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