Sculpted Foam Hell Hound Prop

By Terra

Learn how to sculpt polystyrene foam into Halloween monster props and even add scales with some easy to follow techniques. Terra used the Industrial Hot Knife with both straight blades and the shapeable round wire, among other tools. The Hell Hound’s design is based on the amazing conceptual art created by Miles Teves for the movie Chronicles of Riddick. A full build tutorial is available at http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/1160-foam-sculpt-scale-halloween-monster-props-tutorial.html A video showing highlights of the build is found at the bottom of the page.Holi_HAL_terra_c03 Holi_HAL_terra_c02 Holi_HAL_terra_c01

If it was real monster it would measure 10′ nose to tip of tail. The prop’s tail is curled so it’s actual length is 8′ but the height is still the same 41′ at the shoulders. Designed to be outdoors in the cemetery. It is fluorescent so it glows with UV, purple or blue LED lighting.