Giant Christmas Tree Ornaments

By Jon Neill

Here is another project for the TV show Deal or No Deal. These cases will be seen before a commercial when the “at-home” audience can call in and guess which case has the $15,000.00. No, I do not know which case it will be either unfortunately! For this project I had 6 days to carve EPS foam, paint, glitter, and fabricate onto 6 Halliberton cases.


I used the Scroll Table, the Bow Cutter, and the Freehand Router to do most of the work. At the end I used a few different grades of sandpaper as the white EPS is course, the final sanding helps eliminate the tooth. Although I would have liked to use the finer Blue foam, this turned out fine with the glitter on top. The show will air sometime around Christmas as the episode was shot yesterday. I tested the Foam Coat and liked it very much, perhaps would like to try it on something that didn’t need to be a mirror finish (as I originally tried). The coating I put on was thin and I thought that once it dried I would sand it. It was so hard that I had to forgo the slick look and glitter it as there was not enough time to sand. I was impressed at how strong it was for such a thin layer.