Santa’s Sleigh & Rudolph

By Mike Ziemkowski

Holi_OTHER_mikez_01Sleigh frame to be covered in Styrofoam and carved. The frame is made out of steel for the structural members and aluminum for support of the foam.

Holi_OTHER_mikez_02Sleigh frame covered with foam. Next step is carving and shaping.


Sleigh with carved foam and coated and partially sanded

 Rudolph with snout sketched and ready to carve (left) and Rudolph fully carved, ready for primer, paint and fabric covering (right). Light bulb inserted for Rudolph’s nose.

Holi_OTHER_mikez_07Sleigh partially painted. The rails will be gold along with the sleigh’s trim. This photo shows Santa’s wireframe is complete. The styrofoam coating will be applied to his head and painted, and then clothes will be added as well.

Holi_OTHER_mikez_08This photo shows the sleigh with reindeer in progress. The head needs to be primed, painted and have fabric applied. Body and legs need to be padded out and fabric applied. Deer body is a hacked apart decoration from Lowe’s.

Holi_OTHER_mikez_09 Holi_OTHER_mikez_10