Easter Backdrop

By Nancy McAfee

These photos show a combination of Easter and Vacation Bible School. The tomb was used for both. I love to be able to repurpose my work. The arch was cut down and made into a ‘fireplace’ on stage for Christmas this year….complete with a faux working fire and mantle. The walls had been used as Pharaoh’s palace for VBS last year…so we covered them in stones for this year’s production.Prop_vbs_nancym_a01 Prop_vbs_nancym_a02 Prop_vbs_nancym_a03 Prop_vbs_nancym_a04 Prop_vbs_nancym_a05The tomb’s 3-D structure is foam pieces braced to hold up the ‘roof’ which is a paint tarp that I painted to look like ‘sand/dirt’ and added some more rocks and greenery. I started with plain foam board and then made the ‘rocks’ individually and glued them on before painting the whole thing. To put the bracing together with the stone façade, I used 4″ common nails, so it could be dismantled and stored flat.Prop_vbs_nancym_a06 Prop_vbs_nancym_a07