Foam Beach Decor

Brighten up the kitchen or bath with these beach decor ideas. If you use a waterproof paint you can even glue them inside the shower.Craft_H&GDRN_hwff_b02

Just trace your pattern onto the foam and cut it out using the Scroll Table, Hot Knife, or Sculpting Tool. Use round-headed pins for the eyes. Try gobbing the paint on really thick to get the crab shell texture.Craft_H&GDRN_hwff_b01

The scallop shell was made entirely on the Scroll Table.Craft_H&GDRN_hwff_b05 Craft_H&GDRN_hwff_b03Wow! They look and feel real and these are quick and easy to make. People will think they are real sand dollars! Just cut out some ovals and round out the top edges with sandpaper. Coat with Foam Coat, then use a needle or thin nail to punch out the pattern.Craft_H&GDRN_hwff_b04These starfish were cut out on the Scroll Table, then sanded with a coarse sandpaper to create the pitted, natural-looking texture.