Coffee & Pedestal Tables

By Mel Davenport
Cottontown, Tennessee

I sculpted the base from a block of 1 lb. EPS foam. The top is a piece of black Norwegian granite that I had cut to my design. I then applied Venetian glass mosaic tiles to the edges. It was a fun project, and looks great in our living room. It stands 17″ tall.Craft_H&GDRN_meld_01

I just finished these two pedestal tables, pictured below, which are two and four feet tall. I started with 14″ square blocks of EPS foam. I did most of the shaping with my Bow Cutter and fine tuned with coarse sandpaper. I’ll prime and paint them in 30 days. The tops are 18″ square Brazilian granite slabs. I finished the edges with glass mosaic tiles. I’ll use them to display other sculptures.Craft_H&GDRN_meld_02