Faux Stone Foam Panels

By Rusty Poll

I have been making 2 by 4 foot foam panels that look like stone that have carvings of trees, and/or vines chiseled into them. They are hung on the back of my garage where I have a patio. I have been making boulders for my yard, too – photos are below the wall panel photos. Thanks for all your products, and help.Craft_H&GDRN_rustyp_b03 Craft_H&GDRN_rustyp_b01 Craft_H&GDRN_rustyp_b02 Craft_H&GDRN_rustyp_b04I ended up using my Stonehenge rocks differently than planned. I was going to stand the end rocks on end, but when I tried it, it looked like it was going to shade the evergreen plants that I am trying to grow. So the boulders ended up lower to the ground, until my plants grow taller. The fun of foam is I can rearrange them as my plants grow.Craft_H&GDRN_rustyp_b05