Concrete Canoe Production Process

by: The Concordia University Concrete Canoe Team

DIY Conoe mold

We used the Original Scroll Table to cut cross sections of foam for our scaled mold. The scaled mold was used to determine the construction techniques that would be used for the full size canoe. Overall, we made 3 scaled molds, using different techniques.

Small Scale Canoe Mold
Small scale canoe mold

Small scale canoe mold

The 4-foot Bow Cutter was used to cut the full sized canoe. Cross sections are glued together to form the general shape of the canoe, which is then sanded down to the final shape. Concrete is then placed on the mold, along with reinforcing mesh.

Full scale canoe mold
Full scale canoe mold

Canoe mold ready for pouring.

Molding for concrete canoe
molding application for concrete canoe

The finished canoe can then be seen racing at the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition in Montreal.



Videos of Build Process

Mold Construction

Pouring Day

Suggested tools/materials for this project:

Foam Fusion • Compound Bow Cutter • Original Scroll Table