Custom Surfboard Design

Learn How to Make Your Own

by Andrew Aslesen


After months of research and gathering the needed tools and supplies, I finally started my build a couple weeks ago. For my first build, I think it’s going pretty well. I’d really like to thank Shawn at Brigade and Brock at Doomswell. Both those guys were super helpful when I approached them for advice.

Make your own surfboard

To keep costs down, I decided to buy a block of 2lb density foam from a local foam supplier and buy the 2′ Bow Cutter from Hot Wire Foam Factory.

Foam cutting tools for surfboards

Custom Foam Surfboard
Custom Foam Surfboard

After cutting the foam, I cut a cedar stringer and glued it into the blank. Next, I traced the outline from the template I made onto the foam.

DIY Surfboards

I then cut the outline and squared the rails with Greenlight’s rail runner tool.

Surfboard Designs

Lots of work with the rasp, hand plane and sanding, I then marked the rail bands for cutting.

Surfboard sanding
Shaping surfboard

After cutting rail band, I blended the rails with a hard sanding block and 40 grit sand paper.

shaping surfboard
shaping surfboard

After the sanding and screening were complete, I installed the future fin boxes using the one-pass installation kit.

surfboard design
Installing your own surfboard fins

Mixed up some epoxy and glued in the fin boxes.

Gluing surfboard fins

Before glassing the bottom, my wife painted the wood on one side. The saw blade and name were printed on rice paper and placed under the fiberglass.

Design your own surfboard

The cost of materials and consumables to build this board was right around $205. To get that figure I took all of my supplies and divided the number of boards I can build out of them. For example, the foam block cost me $290, but I should be able to build about 16 boards from it, so it will only cost about $18 per board, which is a good place to start.

Suggested tools/materials for this project:

2′ Bow Cutter • Sculpting Tool • StyroGoo