Gun Case Tutorial

Customizing your gun carrying case

With practice and the proper tools, you can save hundreds of dollars
and customize your own gun case!

DIY Gun Case Tutorial

STEP 1: Planning

• Planning and making the silhouette of the weapon and bi-pod takes some time and patience.

• First obtain poster board stock and draw around the weapon with a thick sharpie.

• Carefully cut-out the silhouette.

DIY Gun Case Tutorial

STEP 2: Planning and placing your cutout weapon silhouette on to the foam

• Planning should include future cut-outs for additional equipment stored in your case.

• Carefully trace the cut out silhouette of the weapon and the bi-pod with a sharpie, onto the foam. It really pays to take your time as mistakes now can become costly. If you do make a mistake that you cannot live with, it is possible to purchase just the replacement foams from Pelican.

• The easiest method to hold the silhouette is by placing thumb-tacks through the paper onto the foam.

DIY Gun Case Tutorial

STEP 3: Cutting the foam

• This step is an important one that is well worth the effort.

• Consider purchasing a Crafters Scroll Table Kit.

• Practice on another piece of foam before committing to the one within your gun case.

• Become familiar with the Scroll Table.

• The strength of using this tool is both hands are free to hold the foam while you carefully keep it on the sharpie image.

• Cut the foam very slowly.

• If the foam is larger than the table, bend the end of the foam up to keep the wire on the alignment mark.

Note: For more heat, you can add the Jumper Cable.

DIY Gun Case Tutorial

STEP #4- Trimming and cleaning the final product

• You can trim edges with an exacto knife.

• Wipe any remaining Sharpie marks with alcohol until clean.

• Check for snugness of the weapon within the cutout.

• Trim as necessary

Authors Note:
“Thank you for considering this easy “do-it-yourself” alternative that will make the firearm owners smile.  If I can do this, anyone can!”

Always check with the manufacturer of the foam you are cutting to be sure there are no health or safety hazards when cutting their foam with hot wire tools.

Other items recommended for this project:

3″ Short Hot KnifeInstrument Case Kit • Complete Instrument Case Kit