International Ordering


We do not allow automatic international ordering on our site because we like to give you personal attention to make sure that you get everything you need. We will also help you choose the best international shipping option.

International Ordering is very simple:
• Register at our site’s secure homepage and include your Paypal address.
• Add the products you want to your Shopping Cart.
• Click on the Shopping Cart.
• Click on the Checkout button (not the Paypal button).
• Scroll down and click on International Order.

That’s all you need to do.

We will contact you with shipping options.

We have found Paypal to be the most secure and convenient method of Payment.

Other payment options are available on request.

We will give you some extra goodies, like replacement wires, to help make up for the extra cost for shipping overseas. Some Kits will ship to many countries for as low as $24. We have been shipping Crafters 3-in-1 Kits without carrying cases for as low as $24. Our Pro Kits ship to most countries for about $50. Heavy items like foam coat and glue often cost too much to ship overseas. We don’t charge tax, but we have no control over taxes that might be charged in your country.

It normally takes 4-10 days for you to get your tools.

Most of our tool kits will come with a power supply and plug made for your country.

If you order a kit with a Pro Variable-Heat Power Station you might need our $10 power converter to plug in our 120Volt Pro Power Station to your 240Volts.

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Thank you for choosing our tools. Let us know if you have any problems ordering.