D-Day Invasion Board

World War II D-Day Miniature Gaming Board

By Mel, The Terrain Tutor

D-Day Miniature gaming terrain

When building a scenic display or war games table, the first task is to lay the foundations and for this, scenic artists always turn to polystyrene.

Crafting miniature terrain

Whether it be extruded or expanded, it’s always our core building material.

miniature terrain collums
Miniature terrain Bunker

Much like a sculptor creating a statue from a block of marble, scenic artists create rolling hills, cliffs, rivers and buildings of all different types all from sheets of polystyrene.

miniature terrain bunker
miniature terrain d-day

To do this, we have a wide range of tools, from power saws to steak knives, but the bulk of the work always falls to hot wire tools.

Create your own miniature gaming terrain


DIY miniature terrain

Whether it’s using a Scroll Table to precision cut the sheets to fit the table, the Sculpting Tool to shape the blocks into hills, the Freehand Router to create river beds or embed bunkers or the 4″ Hot Knife to create holes for reinforcement struts and even the Precision Engraver to shape the difficult to get to bits.

D-Day miniature gaming terrain

For me as a scenic artist, polystyrene is my medium, HWFF tools are simply the right tools for the job.

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Suggested tools/materials for this project:

Freehand Router • All Purpose Foam Coat