Anasazi Cave Dwelling Diorama

By Brant Rainwater

Brant Rainwater is one of our Earth Day contest winners for his creation of a diorama for a school project. His use of foam from a computer box to create his project shows that even scrap packaging foam can be reused and recycled with some imagination to make something creative. Brant told us this about his project:

“I’m a 10 year old student in Sharps Chapel, Tennessee. My creation is almost 100% recycled foam. It is an Anasazi cave dwelling village. The cave and buildings were made from packing foam from a computer box, that I sculpted with a hot knife. I made the ladders by hand, too. The plants were made using old moss from fake flowers.”Craft_SCHOOL_brantr_01 Craft_SCHOOL_brantr_02 Craft_SCHOOL_brantr_03