Castle Model Project

By Tyson and Taylor Ramsden

These eleven year old twins were required to design and build their own castle models. The top castle, Tyson’s, was coated with Foam Coat with Coarse Grit while Taylor’s was coated with just Foam Coat. The stones were made by making light indentations with the Engraving Tool.

Tyson’s drawbridge was made out of a solid piece of foam while Taylor’s was made from small pieces that were glued together.The round towers were made on the 3D Scroll Table. They weighed in at less than 2 pounds each.Craft_SCHOOL_tramsden_03 Craft_SCHOOL_tramsden_02 Craft_SCHOOL_tramsden_01Castle Report By Taylor Ramsden
There where many castles in the medieval time. People in the medieval time usually stayed at their castle. People seldom visited distant places.

Castles where usually made out of brick or stone. Walls where 8-12 ft. tall. Some people would put up two walls of brick or stone then filled the middle with dirt. If somebody did that design the walls wouldn’t stand for long. Enemies would shoot boulders at the walls and they would break easily. For safety the windows on the bottom flour where narrow slits so that enemies couldn’t get through. On the top flour the windows where larger, but covered with metal bars and glass. The castle’s towers had three rooms. The bottom was for storage. The upper two rooms where for living and working. The dungeon was under ground, prison or jail. If you where bad or didn’t follow rules or was an enemy trying to enter he would be put into the dungeon. In the medieval time there was a gatehouse that was the entrance. It had seven wooden doors to prevent enemies from entering. Also there where murder holes in the roof to poor building oil on the enemy and arrow slits on the sidewalls. The drawbridge was a bridge over a moat and was a trap for enemies. Usually people tried to enter, but in the moat there where usually crocodiles. Castles roofs where made of stone to reduce cause of fire. If they used wood it would usually get destroyed.

Today I am glad I don’t live in a castle. I am glad, because they didn’t have regular restrooms. What the Medieval times had where pit toilets. What pit toilets where, where a big dug pit. Gross! This is why today would be a good decision to live in a regular home.