Axis & Allies Terrain Board

By Raymond & Denise Cameron


Here are a few shots of some terrain I made for playing a game called Axis & Allies Miniatures. These maps are designed to fit together in different ways like the modular maps they provide in paper, only twice the size and in foam! I love’em and made them with the help of a Hot Knife. I have to use a metal straight edge and the Hot Knife to “burn” the hexes in the boards. The hills are made with the Hot Knife also, but all streams were made with a dremel. These are quite a hit on the Avalon Hill forum and I try to promote the Hot Wire name to boost the hobby by creating great looking eye-candy terrain. Suggestions for improvements always appreciated. I plan next on doing some desert terrain.

Model_MG_raymondc_01 Model_MG_raymondc_02