Custom Gaming Terrain

By Anita Moore

I create custom terrain for miniature gaming – all made to order. I have been using your tools for a variety of terrain work for about seven years or so. I sell my pieces on eBay as well. The stone and wood textures are carved with the Engraving Tool.

Model_MG_anitam_b03This Eldar set was commissioned in Wraithbone style. All the pieces were created with a common design theme or look to maintain the common environment across the war table.

Model_MG_anitam_b04Trees are Woodland Scenic tree kits, which are individually painted and customized in shape and structure. Many are cut and re-clustered for a greater variety of form and individuality available. The trunks are painted to complement the wraithbone colors.

Model_MG_anitam_b05 Model_MG_anitam_b06Model_MG_anitam_b01The photo above and below show a piece from a different commissioned set – a temple style waterfall with dwarf sculpture