Lava Falls

By Jack Tripp

As avid players of several tabletop games, we understand how deeply an amazing piece of terrain can immerse you into the story. Let us help you take your campaign to the next level with terrain customized just for you.

Imagine wrapping up a year long campaign with an amazing custom terrain piece made to your exact specifications. While the tutorial explains how you can create your own Lava Falls piece, you may also order one from Children of Mercury. See the entire step-by-step tutorial here!

This piece utilized the Hot Wire Foam Factory Freehand Router, Sled Guide, Sculpting Tool, Scroll Table and Engraving Tool.Model_MG_jackt_a01 Model_MG_jackt_a02 Model_MG_jackt_a03 Model_MG_jackt_a04 Model_MG_jackt_a05 Model_MG_jackt_a06