By Jesse Bellavance

I use your tools for all of my gaming terrain boards. I really love your tools, because they make my hobby much more fun.

“Jesse Bellavance Wow! These are even better than I imagined. You really did a great job on these and I am extremely satisfied. The boards will be perfect for my Wargods and Classic Battletech games. I cannot thank you enough for the high quality workmanship and safe packing. I am going to post pictures and praise of the boards on the various message boards I frequent.” J. Gordon, Temple City, CaliforniaModel_MG_jesseb_01 Model_MG_jesseb_02 Model_MG_jesseb_03 Model_MG_jesseb_04 Model_MG_jesseb_05 Model_MG_jesseb_06 Model_MG_jesseb_07