Terrain Concepts

I started making terrain with a craft hot wire cutter and was extremely frustrated with its limitations as well as the way it ate batteries, I started looking for something better and finally found the Hot Wire Foam Factory tools. You cannot have these tools and not use them. It is such a pleasure to be able to make the cuts I want and to be able to mould a wire to make specific shapes and cuts is such a time saver.

Your imagination flies with the possibilities of what you can make with this great set of tools. It is great having the power station plugged in and ready to work whenever I want it. The Sculpting Tool gets the most use but I have certain things I like to use the Hot Knife and the Freehand Router for too. The Engraving Tool does a great job on bricks and anything you want to have defined. I can’t say enough about this tool set, I would not enjoy making terrain if I did not have it. It makes it easy and fun. For anyone who is working with sculpting foam it is a must have.Model_MG_terrainconcepts_01 Model_MG_terrainconcepts_02 Model_MG_terrainconcepts_03 Model_MG_terrainconcepts_04