Cliff Waterfall

By Mike Tiskus

Model_MG_terranscapes_a01Using the Freehand Router I was able to carve not only the channel for the water, but also the rock texture for the cliffs. The Freehand Router’s large blade size helped to make quick work of the carving.Model_MG_terranscapes_a02After carving, I applied Styroplast to all of the surfaces before applying rocks and spackling. The Styroplast was perfect for preserving the carved detail while greatly reinforcing its strength. The Styroplast also cleaned up the back side of the piece giving it a professional finish. Model_MG_terranscapes_a03The finished piece ready for shipping. The Styroplast coating accepts paint very well and provided a firm surface for attaching structural details. Model_MG_terranscapes_a04These close ups show what a great finish the Styroplast gave to the rock carving. The detail of the carving is preserved due to the thin coating the Styroplast produces, and its now able to handle the rough handling that gamers give their terrain. Thank you Hot Wire Foam factory for providing great products and service.

Carved Foam Cliff Waterfall Gaming Terrain

Waterfall Video Update