Model Railway Display Artist

By Todd Gamble
Snoqualmie, WA


Scale Model Scenery Artist – Museum Interpretive Dioramas – Model Railroads
Print/TV/Film – Private Commissions

Model_RR_toddg_b01This is a view of an area of New Mexico being modeled. The work is still in progress and more details along the edge of the terrain will be added later.

Model_RR_toddg_b02Here are some views of the hand-carved rock work that has had its final washes of paint.


I am working on the Skykomish, Washington area of the layout now. I have put a smooth coat of modeling compound onto the surface of the foam to hide the seams and to smooth it out. Hydrocal rock castings have been added to create a cut into the landscape as well as craggy peaks on one of the mountainous areas. Ground soil and and trees will be added eventually after it is painted.

Model_RR_toddg_b05Here is a nice shot of scenery a passenger might see on a trip through the many deserts being modeled on this layout.

Model_RR_toddg_b06Here are some more scenes from the Prescott area of the train layout. I’ve added real dirt from the actual location collected by the director of the project, Dave Hikel. I am working on the adjoining Owens Valley area now.