Micro RC Crawler Foam Course

By Dan Carmichael

This is a modular Micro rock course. I started off by laying out some specific features that I wanted to see with EPS foam sheets and carved from there. The finished course is 40×40 inches by 15″ tall and weighs only 14 lbs. It is coated with Exterior Foam Coat for a realistic rocky texture.


Everything is held together with low temp hot glue and toothpicks here.

Model_RC_danc_03hen I carved it up a bit and started adding some of the carved off chunks and some scraps, still using the low temperature hot glue.


Sculpting was done with the Freehand Router (tool on the left) – you could use a Sculpting Tool (tool on the right) but it uses a thinner wire which can be tricky to get to keep its shape. I also used the Exterior Foam Coat for a grittier texture with Boost mixed in to make it even stronger. Boost makes a thin (3/32″ – 1/8″) layer super strong.


Then I brushed, dabbed and drizzled the Foam Coat mixture all over the course. As the coating starts to harden a bit you can putty-knife the last bits of it into any cracks or seams you wanna get rid of.

Model_RC_danc_08 Model_RC_danc_09 Model_RC_danc_10