Foam RC Space Shuttle

By James Bisset

We think it goes about the same speed as a stock strkyer wing 130 klh rough estimate No coating although it needs it, finger marks stain the foam easily, glued it with 5 minute epoxy used some fiberglass thin matt around the engine mount and a strip across wings, also used a kite carbon spare to reinforce wings. Glad its suitable for your gallery.

Foam RC Space Shuttle

AUW : approx 800 grams
Foam: Nothing exotic, 15mm packaging sheets from a refrigerator or like .
Power: By a brushless 3000kv electric model motor ( Mega 16\15\3 )
Propeller : apc 6x 5.5 E
Battery is a lithium polymer 11.1 v 2250 Mah 25c
Electronic speed controller Hyperion 80 amp
Controlled by 2 hs81 servos through a 2.4 g (xps) receiver

 Model_RC_jamesb_04 Model_RC_jamesb_05 Model_RC_jamesb_06

Here’s a video showing the maiden flight: