Foam RC Model Airplane Prototype

By John Crisp

I have built two new plane versions with different wing dimensions on one with a 64 mm fan and a larger one with a 90 mm fan – both should be in the 100 mph+ range. It is a Blohm & Voss P-212/215 project that was under development in WWII and these would have flown in 1946.

The planes are a mix of Blueboard foam, EPP and EPS for the wings – I am trying different options. They are fast – the prototype that is in the photos below had a 50 mm fan and flew 65-70 mph. I had a longer wing than required to ensure good flying qualities – the two new versions will be much faster and both have much higher power to weight ratios.

I am hoping to use the Styroplast as shells for the wings and fuselage on both models. I am looking for ways to not use fiberglass and hopefully save some weight and complexity.

I have the 2’x4′ Hot Wire Bow Cutter and I use it to form the wings. I use 1/4″ MDF plywood shapes that I screw into the foam and drag the wire around the shapes to cut the wing core. Most of the models I build have wings that are less than 36″ per side so that the overall wingspan is less than 72″ so the cutter works great for these models. I have two other cutters for other elements of the planes – depends upon the need, but I have been experimenting with different techniques to build these unique designs. I am using the actual wing cross sections from captured 1945 wing shapes and they fly great. I’ll keep you posted on the Styroplast results.

Foam RC Model Airplane Prototype

EPS Foam RC Model Airplane Prototype

Foam RC Model Airplane