RC Solar Boat Competition

By Student Teams at the College of Engineering, University of Arkansas

Imagine seeing the boat that you and some friends just built crossing the finish line, winning the 2012 Razorback Solar Boat Competition. At the solar energy camp, student teams design and build a solar-powered boat, using real engineering tools and skills. Students in the mechanical group construct the boat’s hull and assemble the hardware, learning about buoyancy, weight distribution, engine placement and hull design. The electrical engineering students learn about DC circuit fundamentals, circuit schematics, multimeter use, soldering iron use, energy conversion, and radio control systems. They use these concepts to construct and integrate solar panels for the boats. At the end of the camp, students demonstrate their boats in a competition modeled on the collegiate Solar Splash competition.

All of the foam boats were made using your hot wire foam cutters.

rc solar powered boats

rc solar powered boat profile

foam boat in motion

Rc foam boat banking

rc boat speed