Skull Cove Village Display

By Kathy Bubenheim

I hope you will enjoy viewing pictures of my work. I make display platforms that fit the scale of Dept 56 villages and Lemax villages – New England, Little Town of Bethlehem, Snow Village, Season’s Bay, Halloween, Spooky Town and more. My background is in drafting design and acrylic art. I am retired and do this because I love making new designs. I have a large Dept 56 Halloween collection that keeps on growing.

I make my platforms all basically the same. I use styrofoam, resin for the water, wood for the boardwalks, piers and stairs, real rocks for the breakfronts. I drill holes (1″ diameter) for the cords to drop down. The holes are an option and are only drilled upon request. The platforms sit on 2″ wide cut legs. The cords and battery box are hidden under this area and are easy to reach. This way the display looks great without the cords draping over the sides.Model_VD_kathyb_a02

 Model_VD_kathyb_a01 Model_VD_kathyb_a03