Department56 Halloween Extravaganza

By Roger J. Beauregard

I started to build village displays as a hobby about 15 years ago, it took a little while but I finally could see how this could look and I started to get very interested in building little villages. Soon it started to consume me, that’s all I could think about  how to build things to make  the villages look as real as possible. I love doing detail, which is time intensive but the finished product looks pretty good.Model_VD_RJBeauregard_07This particular display took me about 40 hours in all. Some of that time is trying to design it in my head. I usually don’t make up a drawing I just design as I go, making a few changes along the way if something doesn’t look right. Getting and using the Hot Wire Foam Factory Tools has made display building much easier to shape or cut the Styrofoam the way I want it to look. I used the Hot Knife, Free Hand Router and the Sculpting tool. I also used the Industrial Hot Knife to make some of the bigger cuts in the 2 inch Foam.

 It has been a pleasure using the tools and dealing with the people at the Hot Wire Foam Factory especially Laura Neeley. She has been such a big help over the years and a pleasure to work with. She keeps me up to date on the new tools and products.Model_VD_RJBeauregard_08 Model_VD_RJBeauregard_06 Model_VD_RJBeauregard_05