Cripple Creek Village Display

By Mike Melius


 Department 56 snow village

In keeping with size restrictions this is a 4’x6′ layout with a 2-1/2’x3′ leg, I created a large mountain on one end, “perspective” mountain on a corner (which can be lifted off), added a train loop and street car track, included a large waterfall with creek and made a semi-frozen river.  The large mountain section can be separated from the 4’x6′ layout for storage.

Making a Department 56 display
Making Department 56 and railroad display


It was all done using the Freehand Router and multiple shaped Router Wires.

Model Railroad and Department 56 display
Constructing a model railroad display


Electrical wires are hidden, as I do with all my layouts, using the Hot Knife to cut rectangles in the 1″ foam (or thicker) under buildings to hide light switches.


Department 56 Stone
Department 56 frozen waterfall


Department 56 and miniature rail road display

Suggested tools/materials for this project:

Sculpting Tool • Village Display DVD • Foam Fusion